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The transdisciplinary theme Energy Habitat Environment is part of the combined stakes of intelligent and sustainable cities and those of energy transition.

There are many applications: energy efficiency in buildings, intelligent buildings, smart grids / smart grids, energy production, storage and distribution, renewable energies, urban planning, sustainable management and The quality of housing, acoustics, mobility (eg electric vehicles …), home automation, digital, BIM (Building Information Model), smart cities, eco-neighborhood, agriculture in the city, …

These issues are considered in a holistic way, using the principles of circular economy and eco-design. They are fully in line with the logic of energy transition and the third industrial revolution in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region.

Yncréa Hauts-de-France formalizes the “Energie Habitat Environnement” activities carried out within the framework of a chair devoted to pedagogy, research, valorisation and transfer.

The main objectives of the Chair are:

  • Educational: create or adapt training programs (initial, continuing, alternation …) to guarantee the opportunities and integration of our students
  • Scientists: fostering a dynamic between the company’s R & D and laboratory teams and increasing the scientific visibility of laboratories in our schools
  • Economic: accompany innovation projects of partner companies.