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Precision Agriculture

Agro-ecology or Ecologically intensive farming, our French farms have for several years initiated this shift towards new forms of production. This has been possible largely thanks to the development of new technologies that have given rise to the concept of sustainable agriculture. precision.

Precision agriculture allows to produce the quality and the quantity required by optimizing the resources (water, soil, fertilizers, treatments …), intervening at the right time and limiting the painfulness of the work. These techniques combine know-how in agronomy, machinery and data management, not only in plant production but also in breeding.

The ISA, specialized in agriculture for more than 50 years, has always followed very closely the technological evolutions in agricultural production. This time it can go even further by combining the know-how brought by HEI in mechanical design and by the ISEN in the field of digital technologies and data processing. This association, which is unique in France, now opens new horizons in terms of initial or continuing training, but also creates new partnerships in innovation and R & D projects.