Strengths and strategies

Agility and complementarity

Agility has become a key success factor for our companies. As such, it is a central element of Yncréa schools’ curriculum design. This agility rests on transversality and pedagogical innovation.

Project-based pedagogy allows students to become accustomed with current issues in business and project management at an early stage of their studies. This pedagogy also requires students to take into account performance objectives and metrics, which are normal aspects of the engineering profession.

Co-design transforms the design habits of our students and helps them realize that effective solutions are often born of a shared reflection. Yncrea’s curriculum also integrates humanities and social sciences. One reason for this for students to understand the digital revolution’s impact on all stakeholders beyond the technical aspects.

Progressive specialization within Yncrea schools allows students to reorient themselves during their training. Yncrea’s schools integrate professional experience in their curriculums through the form of internships and apprenticeships. These experiences are also an essential tool to validate the students’ orientation or to allow them to reorient themselves.

One core component of Yncrea schools’ curriculum is “Learning to learn”, which provides our engineers the ability to adapt to current and future technologies and industries, some of which do not yet exist.