Some projects

Home connected

Yncréa Ouest has been equipped since 2016 with equipment that allows the equipment of the connected home of tomorrow to be developed. Together with the Yncréa Hauts-de-France teams, the connected room built in Brest’s premises now makes it possible to develop various offers, notably in collaboration with Malakoff Médéric.

The objective is to maintain patients or elderly people at home.

Three levels of equipment are currently under study:

  • Basic (environment and location sensor)
  • Medium (basic + IR Passive Matrix Detection)
  • Premium (basic + video)

This offer allows to answer with different sensors (environment, connected watch, smart sensor, video …) to a simple and quick to install (30 minutes) which is accompanied by options that can be added a posteriori.

The idea of this offer that will be progressively available is to respond to the complete need of the major players by proposing a modular solution according to the degree of dependence of the patient or the senior.