Strengths and strategies


Combining research and teaching ensures that our pedagogy is current and relevant.

Our research laboratories cooperate with industrial, academic and institutional research laboratories (CNRS, CEA, Universities, …).  Furthermore, they are part of joint supervision arrangements with public research labs.

Yncréa’s schools employ 150 teacher-researchers for their expertise and knowledge. They participate in curriculum design, give lectures and carry on research projects. Yncréa research chairs have been created in partnership with our business communities and regional governments, they concern domains such as: the sea, IoT/connected objects, health, smart energies/connected houses.

Beyond these research chairs, Yncréa’s main research areas concern: nanotechnologies, connected agriculture, green chemistry, smart grids, underwater acoustics, connected houses, thermal buildings, soil remediation, silver economy, technical textiles, etc. They aim at responding to societal and industrial challenges.