Some projects


FR2I “Training for international engineering networks”

Carried by Yncréa Méditerranée and its ISEN Toulon school, based on the network of ISENs in Lille, Brest and Morocco, the FR2I project is one of the 12 winners of the call for projects “Innovative Initiatives of Excellence Digital technologies “launched under the Investments for the Future Program (PIA).

The FR2I project focuses on training the first three post-baccalauréat years. It aims to introduce in a significant way digital content and tools in engineering courses. Interactive content will be complemented by approaches including coworking, codesign and pedagogy through innovative projects. This will facilitate the international development of training and the deployment of remote sites.

This project aims to accelerate the creation of MOOC (online courses open to all) and quality digital training devices. The objectives of this project are to develop the international attractiveness of higher education and research institutions, to promote innovative pedagogical devices by means of digital technology and to reinforce the dynamics of university education throughout the life course. It also aims to promote associations between higher education institutions and enterprises in the digital economy.