Strengths and strategies


Our graduates enter a globalized labor market. As such, Yncréa deems that the development of an international curriculum is an absolute necessity and that all students must have a significant international experience to obtain one of our diploma.

This international exposure is also achieved through the recruitment of foreign students, mostly at the bac + 2/3 level, either directly or through an international “Yncréa bachelor” program. This program recruits from partner institutions which have set up gateway programs or agreements.

International student recruitment allows French students to work in a multicultural classroom and experience the conditions of a diverse workforce. Such recruitment is also useful for French companies located abroad, as it builds a pool of highly qualified labor and contribute to the local capacity building.

The opening of the moroccan school “Yncréa Morocco” (Rabat) is a recent example of Yncréa’s international strategy.

International affairs also include research. Teacher-researchers cooperate with numerous laboratories and research institutes on all continents, publish their communications almost exclusively in English and regularly host visiting researchers from abroad.