Some projects

Urban Agriculture

The provision of locally produced foodstuffs, in particular for quality fresh vegetables, is a major challenge for the populations of the world’s major cities. Provide fresh, healthy, low-cost food through reduced transportation, renewable energy, and clean water and nutrient costs, while benefiting from reduced associated pollution The promotion of new forms of social interaction, here are the reasons why agriculture in cities is booming.

Urban agriculture currently has two different forms: on the one hand the culture on the roofs of buildings and the small terraced gardens, and on the other hand productions in dedicated buildings, controlled by technologies controlling the parameters of production (Luminosity, water, nutrients …) and combining the skills of intelligent building design, agronomy and automation.

ISA, which specializes in agriculture, has chosen to develop a new range of products and services, thanks to the new expertise provided by HEI in renewable energies and building design and by ISEN in sensors, digital technologies and data processing. Transversal training in urban agriculture in dedicated buildings.

This training will complement all of its current range of agricultural products and will also be based on a project of demonstrator R & D unique in the region associating private and public partners.