Strengths and strategies

Digital technology and its uses

Digital technologies are present in most areas of our daily life and have a transformational effect on our ways of communicating, working, creating, feeding, caring for oneself, moving around …  These technologies deeply transform our lifestyle day after day.

Engineers trained in the Yncréa schools have the considerable advantage of an extensive digital literacy. With this knowledge, the future belongs to them. They have in their hands the skills to become the responsible leaders that our schools and that societies expect them to be.

Our students will become engineers, but also managers, experts, executives, business creators… The excellence of tomorrow’s engineers, rests on understanding the uses of digital tools and the issues surrounding them.

The digital revolution is under way and it is exhilarating. By integrating the digital dimension at the heart of its educational programs, Yncrea schools prepare their students to innovate and create, serving the world of tomorrow.

Digital technologies constitute the engine of all economic developments of our post-industrial societies.  They are the core component of Yncrea schools’ 5-year curriculum. in areas as diverse as smart cities, e-health, digital agriculture, energy and societal transition, miniaturization, soil remediation technologies…